Relationship and a story, two things that relate to everyone.  We would like to share with you our story.  Although, Nine Degrees North is more than a story. We are in a working relationship that fills a gap in small business between the work of your business and the marketing your business needs.  A relationship between business with the primary goal to aim business in the right directions.  


Nine Degrees North has traveled the marketing roads, testing, trying, failing, investing and retrying.  Along the way, we have learned a lot about investing marketing dollars to reach the greatest return.  During our journey over the last eight years, we have learned a few things which have to lead us to the decision it is time to share our wisdom with other small business owners who choose to lean and learn from our experiences.


Nine Degrees North is more than a business name it is a story, one of experience and opportunity.  If we presented a million dollar challenge to meet us at the North Pole, what single tool would you choose to make your way there?  Many have said a plane. Some have said a dog sled. Most have said a compass.  If you have chosen a compass, we are the right digital marketing consulting business for you.  


A compass is a tremendous tool.  In the hands of the right individuals, it is a powerful tool to navigate your journey.  Unfortunately, in the hands of many, it is a false sense of security.  


For a million dollars, the challenge to reach the North Pole will be a struggle unless there is an understanding of the correct path. Using just a compass without knowledge, you will not reach the North Pole; you will reach magnetic north.  Magnetic north and the North Pole lay nearly 500 km apart.  As a business, we would like to explain our business our model as Nine Degrees North. Our entire business model is aiming our customers in the exact right directions with their digital marketing strategies. 



From social media imagery that sparks real engagement, to stunning video production that leaves your potential customers wanting more. We have the ability to provide these services IN HOUSE as opposed to hiring out to 3rd parties.



Your product or service is more than just another listing lost in the pages of Google searches.

Its your BRAND and we focus on building that brand according to your needs and goals.



Building a website is time consuming and creatively challenging. It means nothing if your customers are not spending time on your website. Bounce rates are HUGE and time spent on your website translates into sales. Let us design what keeps your customers coming back for MORE.



It is often said, "In the gathering of many is much wisdom." At Nine Degrees North, we don't argue that we gather more.  Nine Degrees North has surrounded its business with men and women of experience. The small business owner is our best asset.  Our goal at Nine Degrees North is to connect with each of those skills and capitalize on the wisdom and insight from every project. 

Our goal is to strategically aim small business owners to the right digital marketing strategies and resources which will mobilize each business to success.

As a business, we understand ownership. We fully commit to build brands, . We understand passion.  We understand digital market strategies, oppurtunities and methods to bring your business to prospective clients.



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